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Science Fair at St Fergal’s - Aoibheann

On Wednesday the 23 rd January,5 th and 6 th  class were invited to a science fair in St Fergal’s in Rathdowney. Other schools were invited too.
When the day came,
we went to the school by a bus.When we got there, we waited a few minutes before we were shown into a science lab .The 5 th and 6 th class from
Ballacolla School came into the room shortly after us. The transition students were going to show us the experiments’.
The students did many experiments. Here are some of them:
We useed paper chromatography to demonstrate Capillary Action. The colours travel up the paper in to their seperate colours.,
where the ball expanded when it was heated up and wouldnt fit into the hoop. After it cooled it move freely through the hoop.
We used iron filings to demontrate the organising of magnetic fields around a magnet.
when a flame went into oxygen it brightened, with carbon dioxide it went out, and with hydrogen it popped.
The last thing we did was acids and bases. We were given samples of acids and bases. We were also given litmus paper. If red paper turned blue, it was a base.
If  blue paper turned red, it was an acid. If it stayed the same colour it was said to be neutral.
I had an outstanding time at the fair and I learned many interesting and new things.

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