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Mr Boyles Class

As 4th & 5th class are currently studying 2 D shapes in Maths. We decided this was a good time to look at Cubism in Art.
Cubism is the using of Geometric shapes in art and we were really happy with the effects and pictures we were able to create. Take time to check some of them out on the slideshow here.

With all the changes that are happening during the Autumn months the children in the senior classes decided to go on a nature trail today. On their way they came across a Horse Chestnut tree laiden down with conkers. We decided to bring some back and use them to make conker worms and watch them adapt to their new wormery!!!!

Our artwork so far this year has focused on SPHE and appreciating our identity and our place in the worl.d We started by doing a collage of our hands and decorating each one individually which shows the uniqueness of us all. We then did a patchwork of you quilt. This quilt was made by folding an A3 page so we had 12 squares on it. We used each square for either a letter from our name or a picture to describe our likes/dislikes hobbies etc. We really enjoyed this art.

We dont take ourselves too seriously!!!
Finally our teacher uses the class dojo to provide us with awards for completing our work satisfactorily. We used the avatar that we have beside our name in that to deisgn our own avatars. We think some of them are hilarious and hope you get some enjoyment from them too.

Writing Board
This is our writing board where we
can display our stories and read
other childrens stories from our
class. We love to write and read
them. We are currently working
on the Narrative Genre and
learning all about the different characteristics of the genre

Poetry Corner
The Sound Dreamer

As I fell asleep last night I dreamt of all these sounds.

The babble of the bath tub
The laughter of a clown
The jingle of the bells
The barking of a hound
The whinny of the pony with his rider homeward bound.

The wooshing of the wind blowing through the trees
The buzzing of the bee as It chases me

The tooting the train
The sighing of the wind
The patter of the raindrops as it hit the sill

The lash of the whip
The tinkle of the chime
The blare of the music
The silence of a mime

The thumping of the apples landing on the roof
The squawking of the hens locked in the coop
Then suddenly I awoke with cockadoodledoo!

by Millie Doyle Ryan 5th class

Here are samples of some of the halloween art we did this year. We also did a huge Halloween collage and bat silhouettes also. We love Halloween in our school and this year was no different with our Halloween poetry competition and our fancy dress where the whole school dresses up. We also have a Halloween disco on the Bank Holiday Monday where we all dress up again. Well done to our boys a and gils who won Halloween hampers. thanks to our Parents Council.

Throughout the year we tackle different areas of expressive and
spoken language to help us further improve the quality of
the writing we can produce. Here is the latest one. Rather than
saying sad or happy, frightened or shy all the time we identified
the body expressions you would asociate with then and put them
on a chart so now when we write we can look to the chart and
find a phrase to describe the feeling we are looking for.

We also compile a list of tricky words and commonly
misspelled words which we come across regularly in
our writing and which could prove to be a big help
to us when we are writing in future. Have we left
any out?


Expository Writing
We are currently exploring the Expository writing genre and using our novel "Tom Crean" we decided to look
at what a poster might look like if Tom Crean was made into a film We are also revising report writing  
which we love as we really are enjoying our novel.


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