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Mass & Gravity

5 ball experiment by Aoife 5th class

What we have learned
Today 5 th and 6 th learned about gravity with balls.
We used 5 balls a sliothar  water proof sliothar a hand ball  a
bean ball and a plastic sliothar. We used this t learn about Newtons law of gravity.
This is what we have done
we bounced the sliothar and that went up to 1ft then we bounced the handball that
went up to 1m then we bounced the water proof sliothar that went up to 2ft then
we bounced the plastic sliothar that went a little lower than the water proof sliothar .
Last but not least the beanbag that did not bounce at all.
What happened when we bounced the bean-bag?
The bean-ball did not bounce because it has beads in will just go flat.
What happened when we bounced all 5 balls together?
When we dropped the 5 balls together they all go down together because
it doesn’t matter which is heavier or lighter, they all fall at the same speed.

                         Testing Gravity by Conor 6th Class

Today we tested Gravity, we used the simulations shown below
First we did a game called Pendulum .This was where we had either
a 2 tonne barrel or a 1 tonne barrel. We had to make a graph to see.
which one went highest and fastest. First I did the moon the moon
does not have a lot of Gravity forces in fact it nearly
has none. It went very fast anyway because
I had the 1 tonne barrel on.
Next I chose Jupiter. Jupiter is the same as the moon it has barely any
Gravity, once again I had the 1 tonne barrel on and I changed the mass to 0.25 and it was really
fast but it did not go that high. Jupiter was very interesting.
After Jupiter I chose earth and it has a lot of Gravity forces so I was
expecting it to go really high and fast. I knew it would go high and
fast so I changed to the 2 tonne. It went fast and it did not go that
Next I chose Planet x. I did not know there was such a place called
Planet x. I found out that it was like the moon and Jupiter so it did
Not go high or fast.
Finally I did no gravity. I knew it would just stay in the one place so I
changed  back to the 1tonne and a mass of 0.0 it went very fast but
not that high.

Next we used the a test to test how the weight of an object could vary from planet to planet .
In this game it was different than the Pendulum.
There were three springs with 1.50 of a mass on them. I stayed on Earth for all three of them.

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