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Electric Circuits by Rachel 5 th Class
On April the 16 th we made Electric Circuits. Here is a list of things we used.
What we used:
Crocodile Clips.
Battery Holders.
Light Bulbs.

What we did:
First we got all the things together, ready to use.
After that we got the batteries and put them into the battery holders.
After, we got the light bulbs and put crocodile clips on each side and connected the other side of the crocodile clips to each side of the battery.
After we made that circuit we made one with two light bulbs and two batteries.
First we got the two batteries and the two light bulbs and we connected the crocodile clips and connected them to each side of the batteries.
The lights worked perfect.
After that we made a motor spin.
We just connected the two batteries to the motor and it spun.
We made the motor into a fan by putting a piece of paper on top of it.

You too can have fun with the sims on phet.colorado.edu by clicking on the simulation here or going to the website and seeing all the exciting simulations yourself. We found them to be a huge help for our understanding of Science. Please note you will need to have Java Plug-ins for your internet browser installed.

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